Webinar: Guide to Managing Absence for Labour Providers

Register here for this Members only webinar on 12th June at 11am.

This webinar will provide labour providers with step by step guidance on how to ensure that absence is monitored and managed fairly, consistently and in compliance with both the law and accepted ethical standards.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a rise in absence rates and the associated changes to SSP rules and costs have increased the cost of absence to most employers.

It is important that labour providers have robust systems in place to monitor and manage absence fairly, so that absenteeism is minimised and workers are supported when they cannot work though ill-health.

Our Head of Policy, Gillian Haythornthwaite will take members through:

  • The importance of effective absence management
  • 6 steps to managing ill health at work
  • Legal rights, including disability, pregnancy and maternity
  • Working with your client