Supporting labour providers to achieve responsible recruitment

The Association of Labour Providers (ALP) has launched two pioneering global programmes to support businesses to build capacity and independently verify their efforts to recruit responsibly. Robust, pragmatic and mapped to global standards, these programmes apply to businesses recruiting and supplying base skilled workers in any country for any sector.

Building Capacity – Responsible Recruitment Toolkit

Responsible Recruitment Toolkit (RRT) supports labour providers, recruiters, suppliers and brands to embed Responsible Recruitment.

  1. LEARN: Ensure you fully understand ethical recruitment and labour supply best practice through online and face-to-face training.
  2. IMPROVE: Access step-by-step guidance, download extensive resources, self-assess and share progress with clients using the interactive online tool.
  3. GAIN RECOGNITION: Demonstrate your achievement to clients by undertaking an independent audit or achieving third-party certification.

ALP labour provider members can access RRT benefits including:

RRT training and events include:

Introduction to Responsible Recruitment

Eliminating Worker – Paid Recruitment Fees

Implementing Best Practice in Responsible Recruitment 2-day Workshop

Lean Recruitment

RRT Developments for 2020 FREE webinar

Please contact us to find out more about our Lean Recruitment training

Independent Verification and Assurance – Clearview

Clearview is a global social compliance certification scheme for labour providers to demonstrate to existing and potential clients they operate responsibly in their sourcing and supply of workers.

  •  Clearview helps drive continuous improvement in ethical and operational labour supply standards
  •  An independent audit to certified standards helping ensure brand protection
  •  Clearview certification gives customers confidence in the ethical treatment of labour in the workplace

The Scheme applies in any country in any sector including high risk activities such as food processing, agriculture and horticulture, garment and general merchandise manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, general industrial work, construction and hospitality.

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