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Worker Communication

Worker Communication

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Please email info@andwider.com for a quote or to schedule a call.

Website: andwider.com


THE CALLS:  &Wider calls workers in a language of the worker’s choosing, 2- 4 times a year depending on the seasonality of the workforce and on how frequently you wish to get an updated picture of workers’ lives. &Wider has survey design expertise, and an extensive ‘question and indicator bank’ which means clients can tailor the issues covered in the calls to workers according to business needs.

THE RESULTS: Your results dashboard shows at a glance any differences between sites, shows where your workers are well-treated and happy, and where they are not, and where working conditions have improved.

RESULTS THAT HELP YOU PRIORITISE: Your results show which sites require immediate attention, and which issues are the most urgent. This allows you to act fast, to retain workers and prove your reputation as an ethical labour provider.

WORKER ENHANCED AUDITS: &Wider works with audit companies to also offer integrated assessments, and can also integrate with other assessment systems you may be using.

SUPPORT: &Wider has a support team to take the burden out of onboarding your sites, and to manage the process of building response rates. The support team also support clients on how to use their results to effectively drive improvements.

TRACK RECORD:  The company has been working with labour providers since 2016. &Wider understands what labour providers need in the current labour landscape, and they are GDPR compliant.

PRICING: &Wider’s pricing is designed to be affordable at scale. There are no setup charges, no licence fees and no language fees. The bigger the workforce, the lower the cost.