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Tandem – Transport to work solutions

Tandem – Transport to work solutions

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Contact Alex Shapland-Howes on alex@ridetandem.co

Phone: 07989 737892
Website: ridetandem.co

In partnership with local taxi and minibus companies, Tandem creates new, affordable, flexible transport options to reach sites that aren’t well-served by public transport.

Tandem also offer their software to those companies who already offer transport services to streamline the process of allocating workers to vehicles and collecting payments efficiently and transparently.

New transport options

Tandem builds partnerships with local taxi and minibus companies and turns them into dedicated shuttles to get workers to rural and out-of-town sites. Their service can be set up for workers to book their seats directly, or for labour provider staff to allocate seats on behalf of workers.

Workers are automatically sent a notification of what time to arrive at local pickup points. Taxis and minibuses offer the flexibility to scale up or down the fleet during high and low season.

Software for existing fleets

Tandem also offers its software to labour providers with their own vehicle fleet. Tandem’s platform puts an end to unwieldly spreadsheets and saves time by automating communication with workers so they know which vehicle is picking them up, when and where in a couple of clicks. The platform also offers the ability to take payments from workers to cover transport costs. Compared to cash payments or wages deductions – the platform offers transparency, a clear audit trail and often a significant time-saving. The system also communicates passenger lists to drivers and the ticketing system offers an early warning if workers miss their pickup.

Watch our webinar recording to learn more: Tandem – Transport to work solutions 19th June 2020