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NSL Checking

Website: www.nsl.co.uk

For more info:

Contact Technical Director Ken Hanslip on kenneth.hanslip@nsl.co.uk

NSL Checking

NSL Checking uses world leading identity document validation and verification solutions, powered by Keesing Technologies, along with immigration compliance checks by a professional vetting team to protect you and your business.

NSL Checking is part of the NSL Group, which employs 5,500 people working with 150+ public and private sector organisations in regulated environments across the UK.

Download NSL Checking leaflet for the Recruitment sector
Download NSL Checking leaflet for the Food Industry
Download NSL Checking leaflet for the Logistics & Warehousing sector

How do we help?

Remove the requirement for your managers to be experts in immigration law
Remove the need for frequent retraining as the law evolves
A straightforward, process based approach to authenticating documents
System driven repeat vetting for limited leave to remain documents and Tier 4 student visas
Detect sophisticated forgeries not visible to the naked eye
Secure portal access to vetting reports
Compliance with legal requirements to store vetting documents securely
Mitigate the risk of incurring civil penalties and reputational damage

What do we provide?

Validation of identity documents from original documents and images of documents
Status report confirming the outcome of each check
Keesing AuthentiScan document checking systems
Reference database of 3,000 identity documents from over 200 countries
Desktop, App and Managed Service solutions to cater for local, national and high volume requirements
Access to document fraud helpdesk and immigration expertise
Easy to use systems after just one training session

NSL Checking also provides the following services:

  • Right to work process consultancy, audit and compliance
  • Right to work compliance site visits
  • Immigration law consultancy services covering;
    • Civil Penalty challenges
    • Visa and Work Permit application and renewal support
    • Points Based Sponsorship support and consultancy, (using OISC level 3 accredited advisers)
  • Criminal Record Checking services at Disclosure and Barring Service and Disclosure Scotland levels
  • Background and character screening services including Financial Conduct Authority checks and Politically Exposed Person sanction lists checks
  • E-referencing technology
  • Driver entitlement verification