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Labour Provider Audits

Labour Provider Audits

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There are three types of Labour Provider  Audits available:

  1. Labour Provider Internal Audit – A confidential internal audit requested by a Labour Provider on their own business.
  2. Labour Provider/User Partnership Audit – A collaborative audit conducted at the request of the labour user to provide a platform to work in partnership with their labour provider to improve standards.
  3. Independent/Retailer requested Audits – An independent third-party audit when requested by a retailer or other third-party to be shared as agreed between the parties.

Conducted by an ALP authorised auditor using the Complyer agency labour audit tool software tool to assess compliance against the Gangmasters Licensing Standards and Agency Workers Regulations.

All audit clients receive an independent assessment of compliance with a Corrective Action Plan to form the basis for remedial actions and business improvement.

Benefits: drive up ethical and quality standards, prepare for forthcoming audits, improve client satisfaction, bring piece of mind.

Please visit www.complyer.co.uk and contact Complyer on 01276 919090 or enquiries@complyer.co.uk to discuss your Labour Provider Social Compliance Audit requirements.