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Labour Provider Legal Compliance Audits

Labour Provider Legal Compliance Audits

For more info:

To find out more about any of our audit programmes, please call on 01276 919090 or email on enquiries@complyer.co.uk , info@stronger2gether.org or info@responsiblerecruitmenttoolkit.org.


Get an independent and confidential assessment of your labour provider legal compliance.

Approved expert consultants/auditors will use the Complyer software tool to map findings against the GLAA Licensing Standards and deliver a detailed and confidential improvement recommendations report.

There are three types of Labour Provider Audits available:

  1. Labour Provider Internal Audit – A confidential internal audit requested by a Labour Provider on their own business.
  2. Labour Provider/User Partnership Audit – A collaborative audit conducted at the request of the labour user to provide a platform to work in partnership with their labour provider to improve standards.
  3. Independent/Retailer requested Audits – An independent third-party audit when requested by a retailer or other third-party to be shared as agreed between the parties.

Please contact Complyer on 01276 919090 or enquiries@complyer.co.uk to discuss your Labour Provider Legal Compliance Audit requirements.


The interactive Stronger Together Labour Provider Good Practice Implementation Checklist enables labour providers to assess how prepared their business is and develop an action plan for processes still required to be put in place to deter, detect and deal with modern slavery risks. The Stronger Together Checklist Verification Assessment is an independent review of the progress your business has made in implementation of these operational controls.  Our consultants will work through the step-by-step process with you, providing gap analysis and a supporting action plan.  Please contact Stronger Together on 01276 919090 or info@stronger2gether.org to discuss further.



See how your business is performing across all areas of responsible recruitment using the Responsible Recruitment Toolkit (RRT) online tool. Using the tool, our consultant will review your current performance and guide you through the Responsible Recruitment Pillars/Standards to support you to embed responsible recruitment in your business and supply chains.

Please contact the Responsible Recruitment Toolkit on 01276 919090 or info@responsiblerecruitmenttoolkit.org.