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Confidential Worker Support & Whistleblower Hotline

Confidential Worker Support & Whistleblower Hotline

For more info:

Please call our dedicated ALP line on 0845 025 8475

Phone: 0845 025 8475

Wrongdoing, whether it’s theft, fraud, safety breaches, bullying or harassment will damage your business. Unheeded, it damages worker morale and productivity. It could cost you your GLA licence.

At a minimal cost per worker ‘SpeakUp’ provides:

  • A professionally managed worker hotline
  • Promotional material and support to launch and maintain the service
  • Specialist protocols to support internal whistleblowing policies
  • Management reports and full ongoing support

‘SpeakUp’ protects your business:

  • Protect profit and reputation – sort problems in-house
  • Detect and deter wrongdoing – nip problems in the bud
  • Demonstrate care for the wellbeing of workers and the enterprise

InTouch and the ALP have designed a common programme, tailor made to suit all workers in the food and agricultural industries and those supplied by labour providers. This not only keeps the costs down but makes it simple to hook into.