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Labour Provider Self-Audit Tool

Labour Provider Self-Audit Tool

For more info:

Call or email enquiries@complyer.co.uk.

A short demonstration is available at Complyer Demonstration

Phone: 01276 919090
Website: complyer.co.uk

Complyer is an easy-to-use software tool for auditing Labour Providers’ compliance with the GLAA Standards and the Agency Workers Regulations.

Drive up ethical and performance standards, protect your brand and business reputation, demonstrate due diligence and improve audit success.

Complyer is for use by both Labour Providers in their own operations and Labour Users to audit their supply chain and promotes partnership working towards best practice agency labour provision.

Complyer advantages:

  • Straightforward – Can be completed by novice auditors; intuitive with guidance throughout
  • Saves Time – Entry straight to laptop during audits; automatically produces corrective action report – no double entry; simplifies the follow up audit process
  • Complete & Current – allows multiple audits to be recorded; updates issued free of charge

An annual licence costs £385 (+VAT) per user, £325 (+VAT) for ALP members. Multi-user (3+) discounts are available.

Click here to buy and download Complyer now or download more information.

Please contact Complyer on 01276 919090 or enquiries@complyer.co.uk to discuss your Labour Provider Social Compliance Audit requirements.

Member Comments

“Complyer is an essential part of our auditing process and has helped us to improve standards with our labour providers ”

, G’s Group Holdings

“The reports that are automatically produced are easily understood throughout the business”

, Staffline Group

“We use Complyer to ensure that we and our labour providers are audited consistently and professionally ”

, Greenvale AP Ltd Food Suppliers

“Complyer has formed part of our due diligence process in assuring the ethical and fair treatment of our agency workers ”

, 2 Sisters Food Group Food Suppliers

“Complyer provides a comprehensive and consistent benchmark against which we monitor our agency labour supply ”

, Manor Fresh Ltd Food Suppliers