Project Speranta: a labour sourcing opportunity for ALP members

Expressions of interest are sought from ALP members to participate in this ground-breaking new project.

Aims and scope of the project

 Speranta (Hope) is a co-operative project between Camden Council, Change Grow Live (CGL) and members of the Association of Labour Providers (ALP) under the ALP “Open to Opportunity” scheme.

Camden experiences high levels of transient migrant workers seeking work in the UK – up to 60 individuals at any one time. Most are from central and eastern Europe with limited English and literacy abilities.

Project Speranta will link these transient migrant workers with reputable GLAA licensed labour providers and employers from the agricultural and food sectors, from around the UK. Speranta provides meaningful, gainful and legal opportunities to work in the UK for those eligible to do so; diverts vulnerable individuals away from exploitation risks; and enables those individuals to provide for themselves, access suitable housing and contribute to the wider economy.

What does Project Speranta offer ALP members?

  • Access to a work ready labour force available at relatively short notice at no charge
  • Transport from central London to your place of employment usually via coach at no charge
  • An opportunity to interview prospective employees at the CGL office in person, by phone or SKYPE
  • Prospective employees will carry ID and be eligible to work in the UK

What does Project Speranta offer transient migrants?

  • An opportunity to link migrant workers in urban centres with reputable employers
  • An opportunity to access accommodation
  • A clear explanation of the scheme in their own language provided by CGL
  • Free travel to the place of work

Project Speranta: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does work ready mean?
    The employee will be willing and able to work every day. He or she will have demonstrated their commitment to do so when assessed by the Routes off the Street (RTS) service.
  • Will the prospective employee be legally permitted to work in the UK?
    It will be clear that all individuals participating in the project will be legally entitled to work in the UK. Speranta will observe the guidance provided in the Home Office right to work checklist.
  • What documentation will be carried by employees?
    All employees will carry a recognised form of ID such as Passport or national ID card (documentation which enables them to carry a statutory excuse).
  • Will employees carry NI numbers?
    Speranta can support individuals to source NI numbers however this will not be a given. The minimum requirement (and offer to ALP members) will be ID. Employers may need to support individuals in sourcing NI numbers.
  • How will travel be arranged?
    Speranta will arrange and fund travel, usually by coach from central London to place of employment. Travel will be one-way. Return travel is not on offer.
  • Will employees be suffering from addiction or have complex issues?
    No employee known to be misusing alcohol or drugs in a problematic way will be able to participate in the scheme. No employee known to present with high support needs, which renders them unsuitable for work, will be suitable for the scheme.
  • Should employees prove unsuitable, what is the role of Speranta?
    Should this be the case then ALP members should cease the employment. Speranta does not have a direct role in this instance, however any feedback is always helpful for service improvement.
  • Will ALP members be able to interview prospective employees?
    There will be an opportunity for employers to interview prospective employees at the RTS hub in Camden.
  • What is the duration of the project?
    Speranta is a pilot which will run for 6 months. The intention is to run the project on a permanent basis, should it be successful.

Should there be any further questions please contact Healey on 01276 509306 or email