New workshop on Open Recruitment

ALP introduces new workshop which supports employers and labour providers to provide opportunities to people from all kinds of background.

This one-day workshop is geared to HR, recruitment and operations professionals in employers and labour provider and provides an introduction to Open Recruitment and the tools and opportunity to start building your own action plan.

In today’s labour market, there are significant populations who could be working – whether they are carers or care leavers, young people or the older generation, people with previous convictions, people with disabilities and single parents. Open recruitment involves removing barriers to employment and welcoming such groups. In doing so, you can create happier, healthier and more successful working environments.

What will the workshop cover? This workshop includes case studies, interactive sessions and the opportunity to start building your own action plan.

Why should I attend? This workshop supports you to resolve skills shortages and reduce recruitment costs; increase worker engagement and staff retention and demonstrate social responsibility whilst enhancing your corporate reputation.

Who is this workshop designed for? This workshop is designed for HR, recruitment and operations professionals  for both employers and labour providers. We recommend that both labour users and labour providers attend together to encourage a partnership approach in designing and implementing effective open recruitment strategies.