Labour providers face many common challenges which mean that they need the services of a specialist trade association.

The ALP helps to influence the environment in which labour providers operate and provides essential information to help you run your business.

Joining ALP is easy; call us on 01276 509306, email or join online.

  • Organisations that use agency labour may become Associate Members. See Associate Membership for more detailed information.
  • Organisations that supply labour are entitle to become members.
  • Organisations that supply business services to labour providers are entitled to become Service Partners.

We ensure ALP membership is affordable – membership subscription is based on your organisation’s annual turnover. The membership subscriptions until 31st December 2021 are for 16 months ALP Membership for the price of 15 months, as follows:

  • Annual turnover under £1 million (New GLAA applicants) £281 + VAT
  • Annual turnover under £1 million  £468 + VAT
  • Annual turnover £1 – 4 million  £906 + VAT 
  • Annual turnover £4 – 10 million  £1,781 + VAT 
  • Annual turnover £10 – 25 million  £2,625 + VAT 
  • Annual turnover in excess of £25 million  £3,656 + VAT

What our members say about the ALP

“Updates and webinars have been so informative and have made these incredible challenges easier to understand”

, Industrial Temps Ltd