Labour providers face many common challenges which mean that they need the services of a specialist trade association.

The ALP helps to influence the environment in which labour providers operate and provides essential information to help you run your business.

Joining ALP is easy; call us on 01276 509306, email or join online.

  • Organisations that supply labour are entitle to become members.
  • Organisations that use agency labour may become Associate Members.
  • Organisations that supply business services to labour providers may become Service Partners.

We ensure ALP membership is affordable – membership subscription is based on your organisation’s annual turnover.

The membership subscriptions until 31st December 2021 are listed below:

  • Annual turnover under £1 million (New GLAA licence holders*) £225 + VAT
  • Annual turnover under £1 million  £375 + VAT
  • Annual turnover £1 – 4 million  £725 + VAT 
  • Annual turnover £4 – 10 million  £1,425 + VAT 
  • Annual turnover £10 – 25 million  £2,100 + VAT 
  • Annual turnover in excess of £25 million  £2,925 + VAT

* New GLAA licence holders gained within the previous 12 months of date of application to the ALP.

What our members say about the ALP

“Updates and webinars have been so informative and have made these incredible challenges easier to understand”

, Industrial Temps Ltd