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Address: Tower Buildings, 48 West George Street, Glasgow, G2 1BP
Telephone: 0330 004 0506
Website: www.easyrecruituk.com
Head Office: Glasgow
Email: kenny.macneil@easyrecruituk.com
Trading Regions: All Regions, London & South East, North East, Scotland
Type of Labour Provided: Temporary Labour
Member Type: Labour Provider

Check out www.easyrecruituk.com and see how we could generate significant savings whilst strengthening your recruitment processes through our automated systems.
We are an experienced contingent labour provider operating in the food sector and volume labour provision for non food sector using our unique business model and our own bespoke software to provide a mutually beneficial business service for all of our clients.
In this competitive environment why not let us talk to you about potential savings we have introduced to our client base to allow you to stay one step ahead of your competition?

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Please contact Kenny MacNeil on 0330 004 0506 or email