Media Release: New video to promote working in the UK food industry

Release Date: 20 January 2021

New video to promote working in the UK food Industry

Environment Secretary George Eustice, in an open letter, has paid tribute to key workers in the food industry referring to them as the ‘hidden heroes of this pandemic’.

He is right to do so. Throughout Coronavirus and Brexit, the critical workers of the UK food supply chain have quietly continued working to ensure our country is fed.

ALP is delighted to launch its new video, ‘Working in the UK Food Industry’, featuring food workers themselves speaking honestly about why it’s such a great sector to work in.

The video is for all food industry employers and labour providers to use on their websites and in their recruitment campaigns to support in encouraging people to choose the UK food industry for their next job.

David Camp, ALP Chief Executive says, ‘This video will give confidence to people considering work in the food industry and inspire them to apply for work in this critical sector.  The video is just one of the ways the ALP is supporting the food supply chain to find, recruit and retain the workers we need.’

Access this FREE video here and promote the UK food industry as a long and rewarding career.