EWNP - The Essential Worker Needed Portal

In these unprecedented times, collaboration is essential to support displaced workers to transfer to where work is available to ensure the nation is fed and supplied with essential goods.

The Essential Workers Needed Portal (EWNP) enables organisations who need essential workers to post details and be contacted by GLAA licensed ALP labour provider members who have workers available.

You can watch a brief video demonstration of EWNP here.

If your businesses needs workers, please register here and once registered, log in here. Only ALP labour provider members will be able to view and contact posting organisations to offer to supply workers.



  1. Is there any cost? There is no charge to use EWNP.  Commercial terms may apply and should be agreed between the parties.
  2. How is ALP involved? ALP only hosts the portal and is not involved in arrangements between parties. GLAA has confirmed that ALP does not require a GLAA licence.
  3. Why can only GLAA licenced ALP members view workers needed? A GLAA licence is needed to supply workers in agriculture and food processing and packing. GLAA licensing is used as the underpinning labour standards due diligence for organisations that may access workers from the portal.
  4. What are the terms and conditions? ALP reserves the right in its sole discretion to remove any entry and to refuse any organisation from access. ALP excludes all liability for any claim or loss arising out of or in connection with the use of the portal.
  5. How long does a posting remain on the portal? Postings are automatically removed after one week but may be reposted if workers are still needed.
  6. Email info@labourproviders.org.uk if workers are no longer available, anyone is posting false information or otherwise abusing this service. ALP reserves the right to bar further use of EWNP.