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Agency Worker Regulations

Full day workshop on the provisions and practical ramifications of the Agency Worker Regulations 2010.

Dates/venues will be added to meet demand


The Agency Workers Regulations 2010 came into force on 1 October 2011 providing agency workers with a right to equal treatment after 12 weeks in a given job.

These Regulations have significant implications for the businesses of both labour providers and end-users of agency labour. The Association of Labour Providers, in conjunction with Brabners LLP, delivers a full day, detailed workshop on the provisions and practical ramifications of the Regulations.

You will be guided through the Regulations, work through practical issues arising from them and have plentiful opportunity to ask questions specific to your situation. Detailed course materials will be provided.

This workshop will help you to understand how the Regulations impact your business – both financially and operationally, and will allow you to evaluate the options to achieve compliance whilst mitigating the financial impact of implementation.


Analysing the content of the Regulations

  • Before the Regulations
  • Purpose of the Regulations

Considering the implication on the business

  • Equality/equal treatment
  • Umbrellas and others – who is liable?
  • Comparators
  • Terms impacted by the AWR
  • Terms excluded
  • 12 week qualifying period

Discussing the pragmatic aspects of implementing the Regulations

  • Anti-avoidance and liability
  • Practical considerations and options
  • Evaluation and implementation

Designed For

This workshop is recommended for labour providers and end-users with the emphasis on the need to work together to ensure that the Regulations are complied with and are implemented efficiently and effectively.

More Information

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