Complyer Version 1.0.7 Download Instructions

  • This link will download the Complyer Agency Labour Audit Tool. Please note that by following this link, you are agreeing to purchase the tool at the published price.
  • When you have downloaded the tool, you will be prompted to enter an unlock code.
  • This unlock code will be sent to you by email once payment has been received or an invoice issued and will be sent during office hours.

Click the link to download the new version of the Audit Tool.


When asked, click ‘run’


 Click ‘run’ again when the message telling you the program’s publisher cannot be verified appears


When the above window appears click ‘Next’


Select ‘I accept the agreement’ and click ‘Next’


Make sure that the file indicated in the white box is where you want Complyer to be saved and click ‘Next’


Click ‘Install’


This window will appear indicating the progress of the installation.


When this window appears click ‘Finish’


Fill in the details asked for in this window and click ‘Send E-mail for unlock code’.  When you receive your unlock code, type it into the boxes at the bottom and click ‘OK’.  You will now be able to use Complyer.