ALP Roadshows 2020 – Fair’s Fair

The face to face roadshows are currently on hold until alternative arrangements are made. Please do keep the dates in your diaries and we will advise as soon as we are able.

Stay informed of the latest developments in UK labour supply.  Free for ALP members, their clients and supermarket suppliers.  This year’s ALP roadshows include:

  • GLAA – a new vision for the GLAA
  • JMW Solicitors – full 2020 legal update
  • Gillian Haythornthwaite – how will you find labour?
  • Defra – new Immigration Policy and food labour challenges
  • Hannah Newcomb – what makes a responsible recruiter?
  • David Camp – commercially sustainable agency labour supply

All roadshows run from 1pm to 4.15pm

  • 5th May – Taunton – BOOK
  • 6th May – West Bromwich – BOOK
  • 12th May – Grantham – BOOK
  • 13th May – London – BOOK
  • 20th May – Falkirk – BOOK
  • 21st May – Manchester – BOOK