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The simple, efficient and universally available account solution.

Address: Unit 3 Wells Road Business Centre, Wells Road, Ilkley, LS29 9JB
Phone: 01133 202900
Website: www.onepay.co.uk

For more info:

To discuss your requirements please email client.services@onepay.co.uk or call 01133 202900.


If your workers don’t have bank accounts, and you don’t want the hassle of paying them by cash or cheque, the OnePay Account – complete with Visa Payroll Card – is the simple alternative.

It’s by far the fastest, easiest, most efficient payroll method in the sector with many UK labour providers already offering OnePay Accounts to their workers, recognising the exceptional levels of support we provide to them and their workers, including:

  • Makes payments simple, swift and secure, allowing each worker to use their account to make cash withdrawals or shop in the high street or online
  • Operates exactly like a bank account as far as your systems and processes are concerned – because just like a bank, we give each person an individual account number and sort code
  • Allows for remote payment with no need to have workers visiting your premises and no need for you to visit them

If you don’t want to accept the time-consuming expense and aggravation of paying by cash or cheque why not bring the OnePay Account into your workers’ world and make life easier all round.

See current OnePay literature for Agency Workers and Seasonal Workers.