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  • Access and download good practice guidance and resources on using labour providers and agency labour.
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You can join the growing number of Agency Labour Users that have become ALP Associate Members and demonstrate your commitment to ethical and legal agency labour standards to your clients. Becoming an ALP Associate Member is easy; call us on 01276 509306, email or join online.

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A range of good practice guidance, tools resources and training for using labour providers and agency labour.

Key GLA Information

The best way to keep up to date with your labour provider’s license status is to register for the ‘active check’ alerts service.



This document contains the reasonable steps that a Labour User can take to ensure that temporary labour supplied through a labour provider is being treated legally and ethically.



Easy–to-use audit tool to support agency labour best practice.

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Provides an excellent grounding in the skills and knowledge to enable both labour providers and labour users to implement processes to assure compliance to the GLA licensing Standards

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Guidance to both labour providers and labour users covering the circumstances in which migrant worker forced labour, bondage and related maltreatment can come to exist.


Workforce Cohesion Toolkits provide employers and providers of multicultural, migrant and multi-language workers with good practice and guidance to achieve an inclusive workplace.

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A range of papers written by sector specialists on GLA related topics

Associate Membership

Membership for Labour Users

Labour users can access ALP benefits by becoming Associate Members.

Just call 01276 509306 or follow the link to learn more about Associate Membership.

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Member Comments

“We would recommend ALP Associate Membership to all labour users in the food industry ”

Diana Zabroski
HR Manager, Direct Table Foods Ltd Food Manufacturer

“ALP Associate Membership assists our corporate objectives in being a leader in the recognition of our workers and labour providers”

Andy Ferguson
HR Director, Greenvale AP Ltd Food Processor & Packer