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Employing Agency Workers on a Swedish Derogation Contract

Provisions and practical ramifications of the Swedish Derogation

The Association of Labour Providers, in conjunction with leading lawyers Brabners, presents a full day detailed workshop on the provisions and practical ramifications of the Swedish Derogation.

Dates/venues will be added to meet demand

The Agency Workers Regulations 2010 came into force on 1 October 2011 and provide agency workers with a right to equal treatment in respect of basic working and employment conditions following completion of a 12 week qualifying period as they would have been entitled to if directly recruited by the hirer.

Regulation 10 contains an exemption from the requirement to provide equal treatment in so far as it relates to “pay”.

This exemption has become known in the industry as the Swedish Derogation, or a pay between assignments model.

Regulation 10 requires that the agency must pay the agency worker a specified “minimum amount” of pay between assignments and be engaged by the agency on a permanent contract of employment.

At the end of the workshop you will understand:

  • The additional obligations of employing agency workers on a permanent contract of employment
  • The legal issues surrounding implementing and running the Swedish Derogation model
  • The operational considerations of paying between assignments
  • Practical issues regarding issues such as transferring and terminating PBA contract workers
  • How to avoid and mitigate the risks of getting it wrong
  • Operational implications  when employing agency workers
  • The “Pay Between Assignments” (“PBA”) Derogation under the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (“AWR”) (“The Swedish Derogation”)
  • The suitability of the PBA contract and its pros and cons
  • Forming and issuing the PBA contract
  • Operating a PBA contract
  • Paying between assignments
  • Transferring workers onto PBA contracts
  • Terminating PBA contracts
  • Consequences of getting it wrong

The workshops are targeted at agencies and hirers who are using or are considering using the Swedish Derogation model with the emphasis on the need to work together to ensure that the Regulations are complied with and are implemented effectively, responsibly and to minimise risk.

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£285 (+VAT)
£225 (+VAT) for ALP members