About ALP

The ALP was established in February 2004 as the specialist trade association for organisations that provide temporary, contract and seasonal workers within the food, agricultural and other GLAA regulated sectors. Much of its work is also relevant to labour users and to labour providers in other sectors.

It has had, and continues to have, a significant effect on government and regulatory policy and provides a range of very useful information and services to its members.

Any organisation that provides labour is entitled to become a member of the Association on payment of the appropriate subscription, and agreement to be bound by the Membership Regulations.

Organisations that use agency labour or are interested in temporary labour issues are welcome to become Associate Members.

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Preventing Illegal Working

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Complying with GLA Standards

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Labour Provider Compliance Audits

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Member Comments

“We would recommend ALP membership to all new businesses”

Marilena Asbury
Director, Blue Mountain Recruitment Ltd, Labour Provider

“We regard the ALP as the best resource for all GLA and employment issues”

David Lee, Pro-Force Ltd Labour Provider

“The ALP monthly newsletters are distributed throughout our business to ensure our staff are at the forefront of knowledge regarding the key issues affecting both us and our clients”

Andy Hogarth
Managing Director, Staffline Group PLC Labour Provider