July, 2017

Addressing UK Labour Constraints – National policy options pre & post EU exit – ALP Position Paper July 2017

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Industry requires a sufficient labour supply to survive and thrive. An insufficient labour supply will result in a contraction of the UK agricultural, food and drink sectors. Access to labour will be a cornerstone of future government industrial strategy in the run up to and aftermath of EU exit. This paper provides context, outlines key national policy […]

Good practice checklist for using labour providers

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The ALP has recently updated its good practice checklist for using labour providers. Using a labour provider should provide a time saving, cost effective solution to your business. The flexibility of temporary working allows labour users to react quickly to additional orders or shortfalls, production variations and seasonal fluctuations. They can also cover absences such as sickness, holiday and […]

Building a Model Seasonal Workers’ Scheme ALP Position Paper

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The ALP has published a briefing and position paper on “Building a model seasonal workers’ scheme”. The ALP is supportive of the introduction of sector based Seasonal Workers’ Permit Based Quota Schemes (“Seasonal Workers’ Scheme”). This should be allowed for those sectors that can evidentially demonstrate a seasonal workers’ requirement which cannot be met through […]

ALP wins Best Practice Award for Corporate Social Responsibility from Trade Association Forum

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We are pleased to announce that the Association of Labour Providers (ALP) won the Trade Association Forum (TAF) Best Practice Award 2017 for Corporate Social Responsibility. The ALP is delighted to receive this prestigious award acknowledging the hard work and achievements of the Stronger Together initiative to address modern slavery in business. The Awards are […]